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Professional Bee Removal | Beekeeper | The Woodlands TX

Our Work is Fully Guaranteed to Your Satisfaction

Professional Bee Removal provides a complete, guaranteed service. We remove a wide variety of bees, then fill the cavity where they lived with insulation to keep any future bees out for good. We remove the brood, honey, pollen, and the queen bee herself.

Types of bees

• European honey bees

• Africanized honey bees

• Bumblebees

• Wasps

• Yellow jackets



Helping the bee population

The planet is facing an increasing decline in the bee population which affects cross-pollination in plants. This loss of bees has further, far-reaching effects that may not be obvious at first. However, bees do not need to be preserved inside your house. Let us remove them and put them in a safer environment.

Honey Bee Bee removal

We are licensed and insured here in the state of Texas.