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Save Yourself with Our Help

Of course, bees can be quite dangerous to you and your family. Make sure to keep your children and pets at least 100 feet away from any beehive or swarm. Please do not disturb the bees, as you could get attacked and stung.

Do not make an attempt to remove the bees by yourself. This could lead to serious injuries. Capturing live bees should only be done by an experienced, trained professional, especially when dealing with Africanized bees.

Trust the experts

Instead of calling a pest control company

who will destroy the bees, reach out to the expert crew from Professional Bee Removal who will safely remove the bees without causing any harm.


Our owner Carlos has decades of experience and is very comfortable working around bees.

Get it done right!

Even if you kill the bees or the pest control staff takes care of them, the honeycomb and honey will be left behind. This can lead to attracting other bees and animals. The wax from the honeycomb can also melt in the heat, leaving behind stains.


Let us take care of the entire bee elimination process so that it will be done right!

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We are a member of the Montgomery County Beekeepers Association and the Texas Beekeepers Association.