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Professional Bee Removal | Beekeeper | The Woodlands TX

Caring for the Honey and Pollen

Based in The Woodlands, TX, Professional Bee Removal knows exactly how to remove bees safely from your property without killing them. We are one of the few companies in the area that vacuums the bees up and move them to live in a bee yard.

We can also remove as much wax comb as possible, along with all the brood, honey, pollen, and the queen bee herself. Once this is all removed, we fill the cavity with fiberglass insulation to prevent another swarm of bees searching for a home from moving in.

Expertise in bee care

Our owner Carlos has over 30 years of experience working in residential construction, so he has seen the effects of bees on houses.


Using his experience, the bees' home can be opened safely for the bees to be removed and then rebuilt. We can also access the problem before even opening the structure to closely investigate.

Honeycomb for you

If there is honey in colony we will gladly leave it for you to use as you like.



We serve customers in The Woodlands and all the surrounding areas.

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